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Table 2 Illustration of data coding

From: Critical issues for employees in inter-municipal health care services: a multiple case study

Quotation Code Category
“...To have some arenas for cooperation, where you meet and can discuss those things, evaluate along the way, I think that is really important to in a way see if this is working, shall the tasks be changed, I came close to saying, is this what I’m supposed to be doing?” Need for supervision Support
“…But I do feel that it would have been nice if it could all be organised pretty much the same way. It is a lot to deal with when there are four different interfaces in the system [Electronic Health Record], different templates and different…” Differences between municipalities Differences
“…But the time, driving that many hours a week, I think it is a challenge. You lose a lot of time, it might be two hours of your workday and you don’t get paid for it…” Additional practical challenges Geographical distance