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Table 2 Aim of the intervention

From: Developing and evaluating clinical leadership interventions for frontline healthcare providers: a review of the literature

Author Country Year Aim of the intervention
Cleary et al. [38] Australia 2005 Develop and consolidate clinical leadership skills
Ferguson et al. [39] Australia 2007 Develop clinical leaders’ skills to observe clinical practices in a structured way to create a culture of quality and safety
Williams et al. [40] Australia 2009 Develop necessary skills to act as clinical leaders
Travaglia et al. [41] Australia 2011 Develop the skills to provide coordinated care
MacPhail et al. [23] Australia 2015 Foster leadership capability and encourage engagement in decision making within their teams
Leggat et al. [42] Australia 2016 Develop clinical leadership skills in ensuring high quality and safe health service
Dierckx de Casterelé [45] Belgium 2008 Strengthen leadership competence in quality improvement projects
Miller and Dalton [25] England 2011 Provide mentoring in clinical leadership
Leeson and Millar [26] England 2013 Enable participants to take initiatives, focus on priorities and continuous quality improvement
Phillips and Byrne [31] England 2013 Enhance ward managers’ contribution to patient experience and quality of care
Castillo and James [32] England 2013 Transform managers into leaders
Stoll et al. [33] England 2011 Develop future clinical leaders
Miani et al. [34] England 2013 Foster a culture of quality improvement
Runnacle et al. [35] England 2013 Prepare trainees to ensure safe and effective services
Enterkin et al. [27] England 2013 Prepare participants for the role of ward sister
Lunn et al. [28] Ireland 2008 Develop transformational leadership behaviours
McNamara et al. [29] Ireland 2014 Develop clinical leadership skills
Fealy et al. [36] Ireland 2015 Develop leadership competence to improve service delivery
Patton et al. [37] Ireland 2013 Develop clinical leadership competencies
Pearson et al. [30] Scotland 2010 Develop leadership potential
Martin et al. [46] Switzerland 2012 Enhance leadership competence
Kling [43] USA 2010 Maximize students learning
Abraham [44] USA 2011 Enhance leadership skills
Lekan et al. [24] USA 2011 Support the development of clinical leadership