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Table 3 Quality assessment and summary the findings for the primary outcomes in Ethiopia

From: Role of maternity waiting homes in the reduction of maternal death and stillbirth in developing countries and its contribution for maternal death reduction in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Outcomes among MWH and Non MWH users № of participants
Anticipated absolute effects* (95% CI) Quality of the evidence
Risk with Non MWH Risk with MWH Difference
Maternal death in Ethiopia 24,925 (2 observational studies) 11 per 1000 0.86 per 1000
(0 to 2)
10.14 fewer
(9 fewer to 8 fewer)

Stillbirth in Ethiopia 24,925 (2 observational studies) 65 per 1000 18 per 1000
(16 to 22)
47 fewer
(49 fewer to 43 fewer)