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Table 4 Estimated encounter and cost savings after enrolment in the service

From: Significant reductions in tertiary hospital encounters and less travel for families after implementation of Paediatric Care Coordination in Australia

Encounter Average cost per encounter at SCHN Based on administrative data from the MSAUa Based on data collected by the Care Coordinatorsb
Actual Encounters saved 6 months after enrolment Total amount saved 6 months after enrolment Estimated amount saved over 2 years Estimated encounters saved over 2 years Estimated amount saved over 2 years
(Au$) (N) (Au$) (Au$) (N) (Au$)
Admissions (over-night) 12,927 49 633,423 2,533,692 290 3,748,830
Admissions (day-only) 2144 200 428,800 1,715,200 312 668, 928
ED Presentations 532 308 163,856 655,424 204 108,528
Total Estimated savings (2 yrs) $4,904,316 $4,526,286
  1. aThese cost estimates are for 453 children aged over 6 months, where the number of encounters 6 months before and after enrolment were compared to estimate the number of encounters saved
  2. bThese cost are estimated based on data collected prospectively by care coordinators for all children enrolled in the service over 2 years after implementation