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Table 2 Most common diagnostic groups and the principal medical teams involved in care of enrolled children

From: Significant reductions in tertiary hospital encounters and less travel for families after implementation of Paediatric Care Coordination in Australia

Diagnostic groups N (%)
Genetic or Chromosomal disorder 101(18.9)
Asthma 86(16.1)
Gastro-intestinal Disorder 40(7.4)
Congenital defects (including congenital heart) 32(6.0)
Cerebral Palsy 18(3.4)
Developmental Delay 15(2.8)
Chronic Respiratory Disorder (not Asthma) 12(2.2)
Principal Teams Involved in Care  
General Medicine 126(23.6)
Gastroenterology 46(8.6)
Rehabilitation 24(4.5)
Neurology 35(6.6)
Cardiology 16(3.0)
Rheumatology 9(1.7)