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Table 3 Content analysis municipality B, Theme 2

From: Exploring physicians’ decision-making in hospital readmission processes - a comparative case study

Theme Category Sub-category Codes
T2: Lack of coordination, access to and continuity in the patient information flow Information exchange Lack of coordination between primary and secondary healthcare services Communication between the municipal healthcare service and the hospital during hospital discharge, is not good enough
Inadequate access to patient information Lack of adequate information exchange within the municipal healthcare service, and between the hospital and the municipal healthcare service
Medication- lists which are not up-to-date leads to additional work for the receiving physician
Status on resuscitation is not always clarified
Physicians baser their decisions on clinical assessments, the patients general condition and results from available measurements
Continuity Lack of continuity in the patient treatment It is difficult to know about previous hospital admissions; if the patients’ medical problem is already known and how the patients coped after ended shift at the emergency room
Hospital admissions can become necessary because the nursing home physician don’t have the opportunity to do follow-ups during weekends and evenings at MEBUs