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Table 1 Demographic Overview of Cases

From: Exploring physicians’ decision-making in hospital readmission processes - a comparative case study

Description Municipality A Municipality B
Distance from the hospital 5–35 km Hospital placed within the municipality
Inhabitants Approximately 40,000 (rounded down) Approximately 40,000 (rounded up)
Physician Full Time Equivalent (FTE) per 10,000 habitants 8 9
Degree of nursing home coverage or coverage in institutions for persons 80 years and older as a percentage of the corresponding age group in the population 11% 15%
Emergency room 1 1
Municipal Emergency Bed Unit (MEBU)/ Hospitals Emergency Bed Unit (HEBU) short-term nursing home/rehabilitation/palliative care 1 1
MEBU/HEBU distance to hospital 5 km from the hospital Less than 5 km from the
  1. (Numbers from municipal – state reporting (KOSTRA), 2016)