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Table 1 Illustration of the analytical steps

From: Perceived barriers and facilitators in providing palliative care for people with severe dementia: the healthcare professionals’ experiences

Quotes Coding Preliminary themes Subthemes Major theme
“We have a hectic department now, and we have had it for a long time. In addition, with two bedridden patients with severe dementia approaching [in] the last stage of life, we do not have time to be with them as much as we want.” (Focus group two) Lack of resources prevent healthcare professionals from facilitating good palliative care Time pressure Lack of resources – a dilemma Threats to continuity
“We are the few staff at work, but we prioritize patients in the terminal phase. However, others may suffer a little and get less attention.” (Focus group three) Lack of resources means that healthcare professionals have to make tough choices Prioritizing one patient means that other patients get less attention Lack of resources – a dilemma Threats to continuity
“We get sicker and sicker patients with more demanding diagnoses, but the resources do not increase.” (Practical nurse, individual interview) The resources do not increase as the demands increase Too little time and too few resources Lack of resources – a dilemma Threats to continuity