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Table 1 Description of SISPha training courses and pharmacist participation during the preparation stage

From: Implementation of an interprofessional medication adherence program for HIV patients: description of the process using the framework for the implementation of services in pharmacy

Title Course objective Who can attend the course? Course duration Number of trained pharmaciesa
Medication adherence program: first steps at the pharmacy (part 1) Understanding medication adherence and related issues – defining and developing strategies to implement the program in the pharmacy setting Pharmacists 1 day 5/5
Medication adherence program: first steps at the pharmacy (part 2) Building up competencies in presenting the program to patients and physicians Pharmacists 1 day 5/5
The medication adherence interview Initiation in motivational interviewing; learning about available tools for monitoring and supporting medication adherence Pharmacists 2 days 3/5
Proposal and follow-up interviews Building up competencies in engaging patients in the program and in conducting medication adherence interviews Pharmacists 1 day 1/5
What is the role of the pharmacy technician? Training in uploading and managing EMb data on SISPha web platform Pharmacy technicians 4 h 0/5
A team story In-situ entire team training at the pharmacy Pharmacy team 2 h30 5/5
  1. aAmong the pharmacies involved in the project (n = 5)
  2. bEM electronic monitor