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Table 1 Examples of questions from topic guide used to undertake focus groups with APs and RNs

From: The role of the assistant practitioner in the clinical setting: a focus group study

• Can you describe the clinical settings you work in at the Trust?
• Can you tell me what your role as APs/RNs involves on a day to day basis?
• If you are an AP, were you the first in your area? How was the role introduced; what could be improved?
• What are the core roles and responsibilities APs should possess regardless of the clinical setting?
• What skills do you feel are setting specific? How should these be decided on as AP rather than RN skills?
• How closely do you work alongside APs/RNs on a day to day basis?
• Can you give me some examples of roles that are distinctly AP roles, rather than RNs and vice-versa?
• How does the AP role differ from that of other unregistered HCAs?
• How clear is the role task allocation between APs and RNs? How is this decided? Has it changed?
• Has the RN role changed since APs started working clinically? How has this affected clinical practice?
• If you are an RN, has the introduction of the AP role changed how you view your own role?
• What level of support/clinical supervision do you feel you receive from RNs/APs?
• How much autonomy do you feel you have in your role as an AP?
• How accountable do you feel for your own practice as an AP/the practice of APs as an RN?
• Do you feel there are opportunities for career development/progression as an AP? If so, in what way?
• What impact do you feel the AP role has on clinical care outcomes in terms of quality of care, patient safety, service efficiency and effectiveness, organisational pressures and best practice?