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Table 4 The association between communication aspects and the level of patient expectations compared to treatment goals (i.e. Too low, accurate or too high expectations). (N = 315)

From: Entertaining accurate treatment expectations while suffering from chronic pain: an exploration of treatment expectations and the relationship with patient- provider communication

  Level of patient expectations compared to Treatment goals
Overall health care provider communication −.10 .08
Shared decision making −.06 .27
The health care provider listened carefully −.11 .05
The health care provider spent enough time on the patient −.14 .01
The health care provider took the patient seriously −.10 .07
The patient trusts the health care providers’ competence −.12 .03
The health care provider paid attention to emotional problems .05 .39
The health care providers explained everything clearly −.08 .15
The health care provider has done all he or she could −.18 .00
The health care provider discussed what can be expected of treatment −.02 .78
The health care provider provided information on treatment options −.07 .20
The patient took part in the decision making process −.06 .31
The health care provider took into account the patient’s preferences while deciding for a treatment −.05 .34
  1. Analyses were controlled for sex, age, overall health and educational attainment