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Table 4 P4P Typology

From: A reporting framework for describing and a typology for categorizing and analyzing the designs of health care pay for performance schemes

Type Who received the incentive Type of incentive Size of incentive Perceived risk of not earning the incentive (RISK)
1 Groups Fines Large Low
2 Groups Bonuses Large Low
3 Groups Fines Small Low
4 Groups Bonuses Small Low
5 Groups Fines Large High
6 Groups Bonuses Large High
7 Individuals Fines Large Low
8 Individuals Bonuses Large Low
9 Groups Bonuses Small High
10 Groups Fines Small High
11 Individuals Fines Small Low
12 Individuals Bonuses Small Low
13 Individuals Fines Small High
14 Individuals Bonuses Large High
15 Individuals Bonuses Small High
16 Individuals Fines Large High