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Table 5 Spearman’s correlation coefficient test results

From: Key nodes affecting patient satisfaction in a cross-regional referral service process: an empirical analysis study in Sichuan

Spearman rho Satisfaction with the referral to higher-level hospital Correlation coefficient .312
Sig. (two-tailed) 0.06
N 100
Satisfaction with the referral appointment registration Correlation coefficient 0.177
Sig. (two-tailed) 0.077
N 100
Satisfaction with the claim of appointment number in the outpatient department Correlation coefficient .304
Sig. (two-tailed) 0.088
N 100
Satisfaction with medical examination Correlation coefficient .257
Sig. (two-tailed) 0.09
N 100
Satisfaction with admission Correlation coefficient .197
Sig.(two-tailed) 0.05
N 100