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Table 1 State versus district indicators on socio-demographic and maternal health status

From: How does social accountability contribute to better maternal health outcomes? A qualitative study on perceived changes with government and civil society actors in Gujarat, India

Socio-demographic and maternal health indicators Gujarat Dahod Panchmahal
Mothers who had antenatal check-up in first trimester (%)a 73.9 49.2 60.0
Institutional birth (%)a 88.7 84.3 79.6
Mothers who received postnatal check-up within two days of delivery (%)a 63.4 57.9 54.0
Pregnant women (15–49 years) who are anemic (< 11.0 g/dl) (%)a 51.3 64.6 57.0
Female literacy rate (15–49 years) (%)a 72.9 52.2 64.7
Scheduled Castes (%) 6.7b 2.0c 4.2c
Scheduled Tribes (%) 14.8b 74.3c 30.2c
Households below the poverty line (%) 16.6d 31.8c 31.2c
Urban population (%) 42.6e 9.0c 14.0c
  1. a National Family Health Survey - 4; b calculated from data obtained from:; c District Census Handbook, 2011; d Planning Commission, 2014; e Census of India 2011 (Provisional population totals)