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Table 1 Description of model variables

From: Modeling patient access to therapeutic oxytocin in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Variable Name Type Description
Inflow of Drugs – Supply Chain from manufacturer to end-user
 Size of Shipment DV Weight or freight size of the shipment
 Frequency of Shipment DV Number of times a shipment occurs within a given period of time
 Baseline Cost Prior of Oxytocin Dose DV Aggregate cost of standard oxytocin dose
Availability at Facility - Review of depreciation in drug quality
 Quality Depreciation due to Environment (ambient temperature) DV Extent of loss in drug quality due to ambient temperature conditions
 Natural Rate of Quality Decay IV Half-life of drug
Accessibility - Patient Access – describes the patient’s access to health facilities.
 Travel time to health facility IV Distance to health center that suits patient’s needs
 Literacy IV School completion by patient or caregiver
 Wealth Quintile DV Patient’s access to funds
 Patient Access to Health Facility DV Fraction of percent of patients able to access adequate health facilities from those who need it.
  1. Output - The weekly access ratio is the ratio of the number of effective doses of quality oxytocin available in a given week divided by the demand for oxytocin that must remain available until the next shipment arrives. A weekly access ratio of 1 would indicate oxytocin supply perfectly matched with the current weekly demand