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Table 1 List of identified frameworks (Abbreviation, Title, Classification and Objective)

From: Teledermatology scale-up frameworks: a structured review and critique

Abbreviation Title of study/ report Classification Objective
MAPS The MAPS toolkit mHealth assessment and planning for scale mHealth “to increase the scale of impact of existing mHealth products”([35]: piv)
mHA Applying a framework for assessing the health system challenges to scaling up mHealth in South Africa mHealth “to appraise the opportunities and challenges to effective implementation of mHealth at scale in health systems”([36]: p2)
MTT Deliverable 3.4 personalised blueprint for telemedicine deployment: Validated and tested version telemedicine “main focus is on the 18 critical success factors for telemedicine deployment defined by MOMENTUM. Telemedicine doers need to bear these factors in mind when scaling up their services and deploying them into routine care.”([37]: pii)
SF Scaling up global health interventions: A proposed framework for success health interventions “aimed at planners of scale-up processes to use in thinking about strategies for implementing a new program, policy, or intervention to scale”([29]: p1)
SUF Practical guidance for scaling up health service innovations health interventions “to facilitate the strategic planning and management of the scaling-up process”([30]: p7)
SUM Scaling up - from vision to large-scale change: A management framework for practitioners health interventions “practical advice on a three-step, ten task process for effective scaling up”([34]: p1)
THD Healthcare without walls: A framework for delivering telehealth at scale telehealth “to inform the future NHS strategy for telehealth”([38]: p5)