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Table 1 Risk inventory origin

From: Development of an enterprise risk inventory for healthcare

# Risks Guideline and participants
1 Board governance – poor communication or lack of direction x x x x   
2 Business Interruption Due to Natural Catastrophe x x   x   
3 Clinical batch claim   x   x x  
4 Conflicts due to organizational hierarchy x x x   x  
5 Cyber security x      
6 Deficiency in development of technology and innovation x x x   x  
7 Dependence on insurance companies    x    
8 Dispute with insurance companies on reimbursements       x
9 Electronic Health Record (EHR)   x x    
10 Environment Protection Agency or similar     x   
11 External media communication   x x   x  
12 Financial batch claim emanating from reimbursement reform       x
13 Fraud committed by a provider x x x x   
14 Government instability x x    x  
15 Loss of accreditation    x x   
16 Non-compliance with laws and regulations x x x x   
17 Loss of Occupational Safety and Healthcare Administration (OSHA in USA)   x x x   
18 Organizational culture x x x x x  
19 Physician wellness   x x   x  
20 Relation between the School of Medicine or Residency program and hospital    x    
21 Active Shooter       x
22 Sentinel events   x x x   
23 Supply chain   x x    
24 Talent retention x x   x x  
25 Terrorism   x    x  
26 Unethical conduct x x x   x  
27 Union strike       x
28 Use of social communication networks       x