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Table 2 Overview of Themes and key concepts

From: Clinicians’ perspectives on and interest in participating in a clinical data research network across the Southeastern United States

Theme Key concepts
Theme 1. Research with relevance and benefits to clinics and provider’s patient population • Clinicians motivation for getting involved with research linked to relevant clinical research studies for patient conditions (i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension) and practice environments
Theme 2. Difficulties of engaging in research with existing patient care demands • Barriers to research involvement:
• Challenges starting research studies
• Consequences of time spent on research versus patient care
• Substantial pressure on clinicians to maximize the number of patients seen in their practices (“practice efficiency model”) mismatch between clinician reality of integrating research into practice environments.
Theme 3. Clear and continuous two-way communication about research, coordinated with provider and clinic needs • Clear communication and collaboration as key to setting the tone of a research relationship often related to logistical support of running a clinical practice.
Theme 4. Tailored compensation approaches meet provider preferences • Different compensation models for research involvement depended on the individual, their role, and their practice model.
Theme 5. Increasing clinician awareness about Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs) • Governance roles and opportunities available in a CDRN, (i.e. who can and should be involved in network governance, time demands of different types of governance involvement, and what CDRN governance means) was not well understood.