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Table 1 Types of Female Genital Mutilation

From: Knowledge, attitudes and practices of primary healthcare professionals to female genital mutilation in Valencia, Spain: are we ready for this challenge?

Type Description
I Clitoridectomy
 This is the partial or total removal of the clitoris (a small, sensitive and erectile part of the female genitals), and in very rare cases, only the prepuce (the fold of skin surrounding the clitoris).
II Excision
 This is the partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora with or without excision of the labia majora.
III Infibulation
 This is the narrowing of the vaginal opening through the creation of a covering seal. The seal is formed by cutting and repositioning the labia minora or labia majora, sometimes through stitching with or without removal of the clitoris.
IV Others
 This includes all other harmful procedures to the female genitalia for non-medical purposes, e.g. pricking, piercing, incising, scraping and cauterizing the genital area.
  1. Source: Classification of the World Health Organization, 1995