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Table 3 Commonly prioritised courses of action to support self-management across frameworks

From: Frameworks for self-management support for chronic disease: a cross-country comparative document analysis

  Patient Education Programmes Training for HCPs Awareness raising Accessibility of SMS Technology to support SMS
QLD Provide evidence based programmes Provide education and training Social marketing campaign Provide suitable SMS Consumer personal health record
WL Generic and disease specific Skills training Provider awareness of programmes SM information in various formats, signposting Technology for reminders, self-monitoring, follow-up
WA Coordinated SMS programmes and services Curricula, professional development, mentoring Marketing strategy, framework endorsement Easy referral pathways, flexible delivery of services Website for all stakeholders
MB Telecare programme prioritised Provider awareness of programmes Research suitability for different groups Online health portal
TAS Make programs available A range of training options, evidence-based practice Provider awareness of programmes Provide range of flexible resources Range of resources including online
NT Build capacity Training and access to evidence-based practice Framework endorsement Clear referral pathways, SM information through various mediums Electronic client record, SMS through online and other media
IRL Map and increase provision of generic and disease specific Curricula, professional development SMS communication plan Resources to account for health literacy, signposting IT systems to support delivery, electronic patient record
  1. Note: SL not included as it did not explicitly prioritise actions for implementation