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Table 1 Classification of unmet health care need and percentage of self-reported unmet needs from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2010–2012

From: Understanding reasons for unmet health care needs in Korea: what are health policy implications?

Category of unmet needa Stated reasons for unmet needa n (%)
Availability Waiting time too long 1139 (6.47)
Not available when required
Not available in area
Acceptability Felt it would be inadequate 1242 (7.05)
Didn’t get around to it
Decided not to seek care
Too busy
Didn’t know where to go
Dislike doctors/afraid
Personal/Family responsibilities
Accessibility Cost 811 (4.61)
  1. aClassification of unmet needs was adopted from Hou & Chen [12]