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Table 2 Overview of the core set and programme-type specific outcomes in SELFIE

From: Strengthening the evidence-base of integrated care for people with multi-morbidity in Europe using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)

Outcomes for integrated care for individuals with multi-morbidity
Triple Aim Core set outcomes Programme-type specific outcomes
Population health management Frail elderly Palliative and oncology Problems in multiple life domains
Health & well-being Physical functioning Activation & engagement Autonomy Mortality Self-sufficiency
Psychological well-being    Pain and other symptoms  
Social participation/relationships  
Enjoyment of life
Experience Person-centeredness   Burden of medication Compassionate care  
Continuity of care Burden of informal caregiving Timely access to care
   Preferred place of death
Burden of informal caregiving
Costs Total health- and social care costs Ambulatory care sensitive hospital admissions Living at home   Justice contacts
  Hospital re-admissions Falls leading to ER or hospital admissions  
  1. ER Emergency room