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Table 4 Results from observation of CCs and FWCs

From: How can mobile phones be used to improve nutrition service delivery in rural Bangladesh?

Topic Observation
Availability and use of ICTs - Personal mobile phones were seen
- Only one mother called FWA to find out her availability
BCC and job aid on nutrition - Two posters on general nutrition advice during pregnancy and breast feeding week was observed in a FWC and a CC
- In one CC, CHCP showed a calendar of IYCF information which was locked in a steel cupboard
Nutrition counselling - In the FWC pregnant mothers were told about colostrums feeding
- No advice was given regarding nutrition during home visits
Static facility
- Work hours were between 10 am to 1-2 pm
- CHCP was mostly present and sometimes other health workers were present.
- A range of 2–20 patients, mostly women visited with complaints about common illnesses (cough, cold, fever, diarrhea, stomach ache, gastric problems etc.)
- Registration happened manually through register books. When 3–4 people came at a time, registration did not occur for everyone
Household visit - Talked about family planning (FWA) during home visits
- Informed mothers about vaccination dates and venues (HA) during home visit
Satellite clinic (HA) - Vaccinated children
- Filled out the children’s vaccination card
- Filled the registration book for vaccines