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Table 2 the use of discursive features

From: Traumatic journeys; understanding the rhetoric of patients’ complaints

Discursive Features Example ID
Capitalisation/bold/Exclamation BREAKDOWN IN COMMUNICATION! 3948
We as a family want EVERY avenue explored. 3946
There is much more 3986
Active Voicing/reported speech ‘before you fall down drunk’ 3965
Repetition ‘my mum’ (39 times) 4002
‘traumatic journey’ 3932
Extreme Case Formulations (ECF) ‘utterly appalled’
extremely upsetting; great deal of stress; excruciating back pain;
Superiority Humour: sarcasm “found two staff members at the X reception desk, were apparently, honours graduates of the Stalinist School of Human Relations.” 3952
Idioms ‘It frightens me to think what would
happen if my mum weren’t “on the ball”!
Questioning Why did X not phone from house
At what time did X get back to X
At what time did she speak to the Doctor
At what time did Doctor phone for an ambulance
[sic; no punctuation provided]