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Table 7 Proposed Newborn Signal functions for Emergency Newborn Care

From: Assessment of facility readiness for implementing the WHO/UNICEF standards for improving quality of maternal and newborn care in health facilities – experiences from UNICEF’s implementation in three countries of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa

Type Emergency Newborn Care Signal functions
Basic 1. Essential Newborn Care
 - Drying thoroughly
 - Skin to skin contact
 - Delayed cord cutting
 - Early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding
- Cord care
- Eye care
- Vitamin K
- Weight
- Temperature
2. Resuscitation
 - Clearing of airway
 - Stimulation
 - Bag and mask ventilation
3. Kangaroo mother care
 - Dedicated space (optional): Records review for mothers who were kept in facility for more than usual with evidence of KMC (Prolonged STSC, EBF/feeding support, growth monitoring (weight))
4. Management of suspected sepsis
 - (Injectable) antibiotics (Ampicillin/Penicillin and Gentamicin)
  i. Availability
  ii. Administration
(Additional functions)
5. Newborn Intensive Care Unit or equivalent with
 - Incubators (open) or radiant warmers
 - Phototherapy
6. Advanced resuscitation
 - Oxygen (blended)
 - Intubation
Optional for preterm births
 - Nasal CPAP
 - Surfactant
7. Advanced antibiotics (3rd generation Cephalosporin or higher) administration
8. IV fluid administration
 - With infusion pump/perfuser
9. Feeding (NG-tube)
10. ACS administration