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Table 6 Selected maternal and newborn health conditions to be observed as part of the assessment of the EMEN facility quality of care

From: Assessment of facility readiness for implementing the WHO/UNICEF standards for improving quality of maternal and newborn care in health facilities – experiences from UNICEF’s implementation in three countries of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa

 1. Management of complicated and uncomplicated labour,
 2. Management of complicated delivery (two of the following cases APH, preterm labour [with or without PROM], obstructed/prolonged labour, pre-eclampsia/eclampsia & PPH – this cannot be known at the time of labour)
 3. Immediate newborn care – routine and for a baby with foetal distress during labour,
 4. Immediate postnatal care within 24 h (before discharge from the facility) and
 5. Care of low birth weight (< 2000 g) or preterm baby
 6. Routine care for mother and baby who remain in hospital because of infection or caesarean delivery.
 7. Care of sick newborns