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Table 2 Objectives of the overall evaluation of the EMEN facility QI

From: Assessment of facility readiness for implementing the WHO/UNICEF standards for improving quality of maternal and newborn care in health facilities – experiences from UNICEF’s implementation in three countries of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa

 i. To assess the “structural readiness”, including physical infrastructure, human resources, care provider skills, equipment, drugs and supplies (i.e. ‘what was there to use to provide quality care for the patient’), of targeted health facilities in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa for implementing EMEN QI initiative
 ii. To determine to what extent components of the EMEN QI standards have been “institutionalized” within these facilities and assess the integrity (comparing with written protocols) and progress of implementation by estimating the proportion of the targeted facilities that met at least 75% of the EMEN standards and criteria at Endline.
 iii. To examine improvements in perinatal clinical outcomes for mothers and newborns including client perceptions and satisfaction with service quality (“what was the result for clients”) and record-keeping practices around these.
 iv. To document and describe the key lessons learned to inform future guidance for the implementation of the EMEN QI model.