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Table 2 Search strategy, combination of keywords

From: Team interventions in acute hospital contexts: a systematic search of the literature using realist synthesis

Search string Key words
1 Multi-disciplinary team OR Multidisciplinary team OR Trans-disciplinary team OR Transdisciplinary team OR Interdisciplinary team OR Interdisciplinary team OR Inter-professional team OR Interprofessional team OR Patient-Care team OR Patient Care Team OR Patient Facing OR Patient-Facing team
2 Hospital or clinical or medical or health or healthcare
3 1 AND 2
4 Teamwork or dynamics or “team roles” or roles or collaboration or process or processes
5 Group processes
6 Inter-professional relations
7 4 or 5 or 6
8 Effectiveness OR Performance or Efficiency or Experience or Experiences
9 AND 3, 7, 8
10 Limit 2006 - Current