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Table 4 Reported benefits and barriers of text message reminder, visit from HSA and exclusive use of health card

From: Post-discharge malaria chemoprevention (PMC) in Malawi: caregivers` acceptance and preferences with regard to delivery methods

Main findings Text message reminder Visit from HSA Exclusive use of health card
Benefits * Extra assurance
* Reminder is sent directly to caregiver
* Face-to-face interaction
* Assistance and counseling
* Active use of health card and memory
* Strengthens self-reliance
* Establishment of nearby reminder- and support system
Barriers * Lack of phone
* Prolonged delivery of text message via substitute phone owner
* Network and electricity problems
* Limited understanding of text message content due to low literacy
* HSA unreliability
* Long distance between home of study participant and HSA
* Reminder from the hospital goes via a HSA and is not transferred directly to the caregiver
* Challenges with remembering treatment dates
* Limited understanding of health card content due to low literacy