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Table 3 List of general socioeconomic variables used

From: EU health systems classification: a new proposal from EURO-HEALTHY

Acronym Description Source
GDP Gross Domestic Product per capita (PPS$), i.e. a measure of the economic activity and of the wealth of a country. (1)
Real GDP Growth rate The growth rate of the GDP in terms of volume (%), values determined by the prices of the previous year, and thus computed volume changes are imposed on the level of a reference year so that price movements will not inflate the growth rate. (2)
Government Debt General government gross debt (% of GDP, million EUR). (1)
U Unemployment rate (%), i.e. the percentage of unemployed people in the active population. (3)
  1. Source: (1) Eurostat database 2013 [11]; (2) Eurostat database 2012 [11]; (3) Eurostat database 2014 [11]