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Table 2 Enrolment and assessment schedule for patient participants in the Stop Cancer PAIN Trial

From: Protocol for a phase III pragmatic stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of screening and guidelines with, versus without, implementation strategies for improving pain in adults with cancer attending outpatient oncology and palliative care services: the Stop Cancer PAIN trial

  Allocation Post-allocation Close-out
TIMEPOINT 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 4 t x
 Eligibility screen X     
 Informed consent Opt-out X    
 Allocation X     
 Patient worst/average pain severity X X X X  
 Patient quality of life   X X X  
 Patient empowerment   X X X  
 Carer experience    X X  
 Patient and carer interviews     X  
 Patient MBS/PBS data      X
  1. MBS Medicare Benefits Schedule, PBS Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme