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Table 1 Publications on CQI programs and activities in Indigenous primary health care services 2005 to 2016

From: Implementation of continuous quality improvement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care in Australia: a scoping systematic review

  Program CQI Focus/Topic Grey literature N=12 Black literature N=48
    Evaluation reports (E); Technical reports (T) n=12 History of CQI (H); Study protocols, descriptions, tools (P); Feasibility (F); Baseline (B); Did not report Indigenous Services (D); n=28 Barriers and enablers 1 n=15 Impact on service systems2 (S); care (C); client outcomes (O) n=14
  ABCD Group
11. Si, Bailie, Connors et al. 2005 Systems assessment for diabetes care   X (B)   
12. Bailie, Si, O’Donoghue et al. 2007 Program description   X (P)   
13. Bailie, Si, Dowden et al. 2007 Diabetes care    X X (S,C,O)
14. Bailie, Si, Dowden et al. 2007 Program report X (E)    
15. Si, Bailie, Dowden et al. 2007 Adult preventive services    X X (S,C)
16. Bailie, Si, Connors et al. 2008 Study protocol (Extension project)   X (P)   
17. Bailie, Sibthorpe, Gardner et al. 2008 History   X (H)   
18. Si, Bailie, Cunningham et al. 2008 Systems assessment for chronic disease care   X (B)   
19. Bailie, Si, Dowden et al. 2009 Childhood immunisation     X (C)
20. Bailie, Si, Shannon et al. 2010 Study protocol   X (P)   
21. Gardner, Dowden, Togni et al. 2010 Program implementation    X  
22. Rumbold, Bailie, Si et al. 2010 Maternal health   X (B)   
23. Schierhout, Brands, Bailie 2010 Program report X (E)    
24. Si, Bailie, Dowden et al. 2010 Diabetes care   X (B)   
25. Bailie, Si, Connors et al. 2011 Preventive   X (B)   
26. Gardner, Bailie, Si et al. 2011 Program implementation    X  
27. Rumbold, Bailie, Si et al. 2011 Maternal care   X (B)   
28. Si, Dowden, Kennedy et al. 2011 Depression   X (B)   
29. Gausia, Thompson, Nagel et al. 2013 Antenatal emotional wellbeing   X (B)   
30. Ralph, Fittock, Schultz et al. 2013 Rheumatic heart disease    X X (S,C)
31. Schierhout, Nagel, Si et al. 2013 Depression in diabetes   X (B)   
32. Schierhout, Hains, Si et al. 2013 Program implementation    X  
33. Bailie, Matthews, Bailie et al. 2014 Care for children - report X (E)    
34. Matthews, Schierhout, McBroom et al. 2014 Diabetes care    X X (C)
35. O’Donoghue, Percival, Laycock et al. 2014 Health promotion   X (F)   
36. Bailie, Matthews, Nagel et al. 2015 Mental health X (E)    
37. Bailie, Schierhout, Cunningham et al. 2015 Program implementation X (T)    
38. Bailie, Schultz, Matthews et al. 2015 Program implementation X (E))    
39. Gausia, Thompson, Nagel et al. (2015) Antenatal mental health   X (B)   
40. Gibson-Helm, Teede, Rumbold et al. (2015) Antenatal care    X X (S,C,O)
41. Matthews, Connors, Laycock et al. 2015 Program report X(E)    
42. Newham, Schierhout, Bailie et al. 2015 Program implementation    X  
43. Puszka, Nagel, Matthews et al. 2015 Youth health   X (P)   
44 Burnett, A., Morse, A., Naduvilath, T., Boudville, A., Taylor, H., Bailie, R. (2016) Eye health   X (B)   
45 Schierhout, Matthews, Connors, etal. 2016 Diabetes     X ©
46 Cunningham, Ferguson-Hill, Matthews, Bailie. 2016 Systems Assessment Tool development   X(P)   
47 Gibson-Helm, Rumbold, Teede, Ranasinha, Bailie, Boyle 2016 Pregnancy care    
48 Bailie, Laycock, Matthews, Bailie 2016 Chronic illness    X  
49 Laycock, Bailie, Matthews, Bailie 2016 Evidence practice gaps   X(P)   
50 Percival, O'Donoghue,Lin, Tsey, Bailie 2016 Health promotion    
51 Bailie, Matthews, Bailie etal 2016 Preventive care   X(B)   
52 Vasant, Matthews, Burgess 2016 Cardiovascular   X(B)   
  Torres Strait Communities
53. McDermott, Schmidt, Sinha et al. 2001. Diabetes care     X(S,C,O)
54. McDermott, Tulip, Schmidt et al. 2003 Diabetes care     X (S,C,O)
  Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC)
55. Knight A, Caesar C, et al. 2012 Access, patient self-management, preventive care, diabetes, CHD, COPD   X (D)   
  QAIHC Closing the Gap Collaborative
56. QAIHC 2011   X (E)    
57. Panaretto, Gardner , Button et al. 2012 Risk factor management, health assessments, hypertension, diabetes care    X X (C,O)
  Kimberley Region ACCHSs
58. Marley J, Nelson C et al. (2012) Diabetes care    X X (C,O)
59. Stoneman, Atkinson, Davey M et al 2014 Diabetes care   X (B) X  
  Winnunga Nimmityjah
60. Dorrington, Herceg, Douglas et al. 2014 PAP smears    X X (C)
  Torpedo/Health Tracker      
61. Peiris et al 2012 Cardiovascular risk   X (P)   
62. Patel, B, Patel A et al. Cardiovascular risk   X (P)   
63. Peiris 2015 Cardiovascular risk   X (D)   
64. Ward J, McGregor S et al. 2013 Sexually transmitted infections   X (P)   
65. Hengel B, Guy R, et al. 2015 Sexually transmitted infections    X  
66. Allen and Clarke 2013 State evaluation report X (E)    
67. Wise M, Angus S et al. 2013 National appraisal X (T)    
68. Lowitja Institute 2014 National CQI Framework Recommendations X (T)    
69. Lowitja Institute 2015 National CQI Framework X (T)    
70 Ralph, Read, Johnston, et al 2016 Rheumatic heart disease   X (P)   
  1. 1 Analysis reported in implementation study, Gardner et al.
  2. 2 Analysis reported in associated impact study, Sibthorpe et al.