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Table 1 Description and categories of inappropriate issues

From: Clinical and economic impact of pharmacist interventions on sampled outpatient prescriptions in a Chinese teaching hospital

Categories Description
Category 1 Medications with no medical indication
Category 2 Medical conditions for which there is no medication prescribed
Category 3 Medications prescribed inappropriately for a particular medical condition
Category 4 Inappropriate medication dose, dosage form, schedule, route of administration, or method of administration
Category 5 Therapeutic duplication
Category 6 Prescribing of medications to which the patient is allergic
Category 7 Actual and potential clinically significant drug–drug, drug–disease, drug–nutrient, and drug–laboratory test interactions
Category 8 Actual and potential adverse drug events
Category 9 Interference with medical therapy by social or recreational drug use
Category 10 Failure to receive the full benefit of prescribed medication therapy
Category 11 Problems arising from the financial impact of medication therapy on the patient
Category 12 Lack of understanding of the medication therapy by the patient
Category 13 Failure of the patient to adhere to the medication regimen
  1. With reference to ASHP guidelines on a standardized method for pharmaceutical care, [20] inappropriate issues were divided into 13 categories