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Table 1 Outcomes and objectives

From: Evaluating quality neonatal care, call Centre service, tele-health and community engagement in reducing newborn morbidity and mortality in Bungoma county, Kenya

Outcomes • Increased access and utilization of quality neonatal care services.
• Health system management strengthened to deliver quality neonatal health services.
Objectives i) To setup 7 differentiated neonatal special care units in 7 sub-county hospitals in Bungoma.
ii) To train 90 selected health workers (nurses and clinicians) based in 9 sub county hospitals in neonatal care to be able to diagnose and manage common new-born problems and make timely referral when appropriate.
iii) Establishing a tele-health platform that will ease diagnostic and new-born clinical care consultant support
iv) Re-packaging and distribution of best-practice clinical guidelines into user friendly formats.
v) Develop a mobile phone based follow up system for all new-borns for early detection of neonatal problems and initiation of appropriate action.