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Table 1 Participant demographic information

From: Use of participatory visual narrative methods to explore older adults’ experiences of managing multiple chronic conditions during care transitions

Older adults n
Older adults receiving home services 9
 Health Link 3
 Home care service agency 6
Mean age (range) in years 77.6 (56–94)
Marital status  
 Married 3
 Single / Widowed 6
Living arrangements  
 Alone 3
 With spouse 3
 With other family 2
 Assisted Living 1
 Female 6
 Male 3
Family members/informal caregivers n
Older adults with caregiver/family member support 8
Relationship to older adult  
 Spouse 3
 Daughter 5
Gender (caregiver)  
 Female 7
 Male 1