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Table 2 Specific objectives of the two CE activities

From: Comparative impact of two continuing education activities targeted at COPD educators on educational outcomes: protocol for a non-randomized controlled study using mixed methods

1. To define TPE
2 To demonstrate TPE skills while:
a. Demonstrating how to take a patient’s medical history
b. Demonstrating how to teach a patient to use an action plan
c. Demonstrating how to teach a patient to complete a symptom diary form
d. Interpreting a patient symptom diary as to whether COPD control is acceptable
e. Demonstrating how to teach a patient to use and maintain medication delivery devices
f. Demonstrating pursued lip breathing techniques, diaphragmatic breathing, controlled cough and forced expiration techniques, and relaxation techniques
g. Performing a follow-up visit
  1. These specific objectives are based on the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care’s National Certified Respiratory Educator Learning Objectives [22]
  2. CE Continuing education, COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, TPE Therapeutic patient education