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Fig. 2

From: Comparative impact of two continuing education activities targeted at COPD educators on educational outcomes: protocol for a non-randomized controlled study using mixed methods

Fig. 2

SPIRIT flow diagram: Educators’ and patients’ timelines for the schedule of enrolment, interventions, and assessments Derived from the SPIRIT statement [57]. a. Educator timeline Educators will be enrolled and will be asked to complete baseline measurements on the morning of the CE activity (t -1, educators ). Post-CE activity measurements will be undertaken immediately after the CE activity (t 1, educators ), for satisfaction and self-report of competence, at 1-month post-activity (t 2, educators ), for learning, and at 2-month post-activity (t 3, educators ), for performance. Interviews will be conducted among educators 5 months after the CE activity (t 4, educators ). b. Patient timeline. Four months after attending either CE activity, educators will perform TPE in COPD patients. Patient outcomes will be measured prior to TPE, at (t -1, patients ). Six months later, at (t 1, patients ), post-TPE measurements will be undertaken in COPD patients

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