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Table 2 PROSPER exercise prescription

From: Development of an exercise intervention for the prevention of musculoskeletal shoulder problems after breast cancer treatment: the prevention of shoulder problems trial (UK PROSPER)

Exercise type/category Exercise Frequency Sets Repetitions Hold Initial load Progression
From 7 days after surgery
 Warm-up Posture check Twice Daily 1 5 5 s
Shoulder circles n/a
Trunk Twists (1–4) 3 s
 Range of Movement Daily Stretch Daily stretch & hold Daily 1 × 10 mins OR 2 × 5 mins
Forward Clasp hand raise OR Twice Daily 1 5 3 s Step 1: increase up to 10 repetitions
Step 2: if applicable, progress to next level of difficulty for the exercise
Forward wall slide
Side Morning stretch OR
Sideways wall slide
Open Chest Back broom lift OR
From 4 weeks after surgery
 Strength Forward Forward Band Lift 2–3 times every week 1 10 (minimum 8 repetitions; maximum 12 repetitions) 3 s Selected so that 2 repetitions are rated between 5 and 6 on modified BORG scale Step 1: maintain 5–6 rating on BORG scale through increasing load (from tan to red to blue theraband tubing).
Step 2: Build up to 3 sets with 1–3 min between sets.
Rocker (advanced only)
Side Sideways Band Stretch OR
Wood Chopper
Open Chest Over Head Band Stretch OR
Front Band Stretch OR
Low Band Row
 Physical Activity From day 1 Gentle Daily 3 10 min Build up to 30 mins continuous
From 4 weeks Moderate 5 times every week 30 min No restrictions after 12 weeks.
From 12 weeks Moderate to Hard