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Table 2 Individual and household characteristics of women with vaccination cards (n = 2460)

From: Validity of parental recalls to estimate vaccination coverage: evidence from Tanzania

Characteristics Description Mean [SD] Mean in %
 Child age Mean child age (0–11) months 8.1 [2.9]  
 Maternal age Mean maternal age (15–49) years 26.3 [6.6]  
 Marital status Married women   67.5
 Health insurance status Insured women   8.2
 Religion Muslim women   76.3
 Education Women with no education   19.7
 Occupation Women doing farming activities   50.1
 Parity Mean number of births 2.6 [1.7]  
 Place of residence Household in rural district   82.4
 Place of residence Household in Pwani region   47.5
 Wealth quintile 1 Poorest household   21.2
 Wealth quintile 2 Poor household   19.4
 Wealth quintile 3 Middle wealth household   19.7
 Wealth quintile 4 Least poor household   19.6
 Wealth quintile 5 Least poorest household   20.1
  1. Notes: SD Standard Deviation; all variables presented with percentage mean are dummy variables