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Table 2 Illustration of the analysis process, from the text units to the subthemes and themes

From: Healthcare middle managers` experiences developing leadership capacity and capability in a public funded learning network

HMMs experiences of developing capacity and capability to leadership
Themes Sub-themes Quotations
Trusted interaction despite organizational and structural frames Inter-departmental knowledge and trust “...because we have the same foundation, and we know in our head what we are talking about”
“We are associates, in a way”
Increased interaction “We have perhaps started to think, not think, but work, more similarly, more, not like he works like this in his place, but I do it differently in my place”
“But, what is good is when you have been in the network, and come back, and then it is fresh in the head, and it is easy to work with those who have been there with improvement”
Knowledgeable understanding of a complex context Reflective processes “The network, it is thinking work, you know, reflections”
“These are things that are repeated several times and that it is… for someone, you do not get everything all the time, but then it gets repeated, some of the themes”
Theoretical explanatory models and tools “Now we know that there is a system too”
“It is useful to have theoretical knowledge about the different tools we use”
Handling the complex and demanding context “...before, I did much of the same things, but it was much more fragmented…”
“You know, as a leader, that you need to lift your eyes, look ahead, above the daily tasks…yes, that we need to think a bit differently”