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Table 1 Data Extraction Form

From: Evaluating the impact of the national health insurance scheme of Ghana on out of pocket expenditures: a systematic review

General Information
 Initials of the reviewer
 Date the review was conducted
 Journal/publication body
 Publication year
 PubMed ID (for referencing only)
Study Characteristics
 Objectives of the study
 Study design
 Data source
 Sampling technique
 Justification of the sample size
 Power calculation
 Study setting
Participant Characteristics
 Description of the study population
 Population size
 Description of the control group
 Inclusion of socio-economic classification
 Description of socio-economic status (variables included) in the analysis
Outcomes Measured
 Types of health-care costs measured in the studies (direct and indirect costs such as transportation cost and lost wages)
 Measures of financial protection used in the analysis
 Reported differences in out of pocket expenditures by insurance status
 Reported differences in catastrophic health expenditures by insurance status
 Any report of poverty reduction by insurance status
 Type of statistical analysis used by the authors
 Key findings of the studies
 Discussion of generalizability