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Table 3 Overview of the NIATx Stages of Implementation Checklist

From: Using NIATx strategies to implement integrated services in routine care: a study protocol

NIATx SIC Phases and Stages in Each Phase # of Items Examples of NIATx SIC Elements
Program Characteristics 17 Program Size, Type, Primary Focus
Pre-Implementation Phase Stage 1: Engagement 6 Invite Date, Contacts before Accept
Pre-Implementation Phase Stage 2: Consideration of Feasibility 8 DDCAT Assessment Date, Contacts
Pre-Implementation Phase Stage 3: Readiness Planning 18 Initial Coach Engagement & NIATx Webinar, Change Leader Appointed
Implementation Phase Stage 4: Staff Hired and Intro Training 5 Change Team Identified, Coach Site Visit
Implementation Phase Stage 5: Fidelity Monitoring & Tracking in Place 4 Review of Walkthrough, Project Selection
Implementation Phase Stage 6: Services & Consultation to Services Begin 4 Collect baseline data, Start Change Project
Implementation Phase Stage 7: Model Fidelity & Staff Competence & Adherence Tracked Varies by Program Change Projects, Change Cycles per Project, Coaching Calls, Peer to Peer Meeting Attendance
Sustainability Phase Stage 8: Competency 10 Continue use of NIATx Implementation Strategies, NIATx Fidelity Score