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Table 2 Sample search terms and search strategy

From: Post-stroke care after medical rehabilitation in Germany: a systematic literature review of the current provision of stroke patients

Stroke Rehabilitation Follow-up care Germany
Key words Key words Key words Key words
[1] cerebrovascular disorders/ or exp. basal ganglia cerebrovascular disease/ or exp. brain ischemia/ or exp. carotid artery diseases/ or exp. intracranial arterial diseases/ or exp. intracranial embolism and thrombosis/ or exp. intracranial hemorrhages/ or stroke/ or exp. brain infarction/ or exp. vertebral artery dissection/
[2] (stroke or cerebrovasc$ or brain vasc$ or cerebral vasc$ or cva$ or apoplex$).tw.
[3] ((brain$ or cerebr$ or cerebell$ or vertebrobasilar or hemispher$ or intracran$ or intracerebral or infratentorial or supratentorial or MCA or anterior circulation or posterior circulation or basal ganglia) adj5 (isch?emi$ or infarct$ or thrombo$ or emboli$)).tw.
[4] ((brain$ or cerebr$ or cerebell$ or intracerebral or intracran$ or parenchymal or intraventricular or infratentorial or supratentorial or basal gangli$) adj5 (haemorrhage$ or hemorrhage$ or haematoma$ or hematoma$ or bleed$)).tw
[1] rehabilitation*
[2] exp. Rehabilitation/
[3] exp. Rehabilitation Centers/
[4] rehabilitat*.ab,ti.
[5] exp. Delivery of Health Care/
[6] exp. neurological rehabilitation/
[1] exp. follow up care or aftercare or post stroke care or post rehabilitation support or aftertreatment
[2] exp. early supported discharge or post discharge* or exp. outpatient aftercare or Patient Discharge/ or Progressive Patient Care/
[3] home care services/ or home care services, hospital-based/ or home nursing/
[4] (early supported discharge or ESD).tw.
[5] ((early or earlier or prompt or accelerate$ or acute or subacute or supported) adj5 discharg$).tw.
[6] ((organi?ed. or multidisciplinary) adj5 discharge adj5 team$).tw.
[7] ((early or earlier or prompt or accelerate$ or supported) adj5 return$ adj2 home$).tw
[8] (hospital$ adj3 home$).tw.
[9] hospital rehabilitation unit$.tw.
[10] (rehabilitation adj3 home$).tw.
[11] (intensive adj2 home adj5 (rehabilitation or support$)).tw.
[12] (mobile adj2 team$).tw.
[13] organi?ed. home
[14] ((extended stroke unit adj3 (service$ or care)) or ESUS). tw.
[15] ((post-discharge or home rehabilitation) adj5 (support$ or care)).tw.
[16] ((early or earlier or acute or subacute or post-discharge) adj5 (community or domiciliary or primary care or home or home-based) adj5 (rehabilitation or support$ or care)).tw.
[1] Germany
[2] german*
[3] deutsch*
[4] deutsch[tt]
  1. Alterations in truncations/ wildcards were possible according to the databases