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Table 1 Phases of rehabilitation in Germany

From: Post-stroke care after medical rehabilitation in Germany: a systematic literature review of the current provision of stroke patients

Phase A Phase B Phase C Phase D Phase E Phase F
Acute care Post-acute period – Early rehabilitation phase (inpatient setting) Post-acute period - Rehabilitation phase (inpatient setting) Post-acute period – Rehabilitation and Follow-up treatment care (inpatient or outpatient setting) Occupational rehabilitation and follow-up care Long-term care
Patients are either on a stroke or an intensive care unit. Patients still need intensive care but are able to start with complex early rehabilitation measures. Patients can already actively participate during therapy, but are still in need of high medical and nursing care. Patients have completed the early mobilisation phase and are mostly independent. Patients have completed the medical rehabilitation, but need further treatment services in order to be integrated in e.g. working and community life. Patients need permanent and supportive long-term care.