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Table 1 Table of ARC grantees by Country, number of Grants, regulatory function and advancement

From: Evaluation of the impact of the ARC program on national nursing and midwifery regulations, leadership, and organizational capacity in East, Central, and Southern Africa

Country # ARC grants received Primary regulatory function (Secondary) # Stages advanced on RFF Highest RFF stage reached Resulting regulatory product Impact on HIV Care
Botswana 2 CPD 1 Stage 2 CPD Framework requiring HIV content; Scope of Practice including HIV tasks;
CPD requirement for re-licensure
5 HIV-related CPD points are required; Task sharing included; CPD needed to re-license
1 SOP 2 Stage 5
Ethiopia 1 CPD 1 Stage 2 CPD Manual, including HIV content Quality improvement
Kenya 1 Registration 0 Stage 4 Establishment of decentralized council offices;
Pediatric HIV CPD module;
Convenient re-licensing;
HIV CPD to recertify
1 CPD 0 Stage 3
Lesotho 3 CPD
3 Stage 5 Trainings to increase CPD compliance; CPD requirement for re-licensure and CPD provider accreditation application; CPD Framework and Logbook Increased CPD compliance;
3 of 12 CPD points are required in HIV-related CPD;
Instituted CPD for nurses
Malawi 1 CPD 1 Stage 4 Trainings to implement CPD mandate Increased CPD compliance
Mauritius 1 Legislation 1 Stage 2 Regulation of Profile for Educators Quality nursing education
Mozambique 2 Licensure (Accreditation) 0 Stage 1 Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) assessment for new nursing graduates; Law establishing Nursing Council Assessment of PMTCT competencies for new nurses;
Professional regulation
0 (TA only) Legislation 2 Stage 3
Namibia 1 CPD 1 Stage 3 Survey assessed CPD compliance factors Data to drive compliance
Rwanda 1 SOP 1 Stage 3 Scope of Practice, including HIV tasks; CPD module on HIV services Task sharing included;
HIV CPD available
1 CPD 1 Stage 2
Seychelles 1 Legislation 4 Stage 5 Proposed amendments to Nursing Act; Scope of Practice for HIV Generalists and Specialists;
CPD Framework including HIV content
Clear HIV practice scope;
CPD available to nurses;
Improve education/practice
1 SOP 0 Stage 2
1 CPD 1 Stage 2
South Africa 1 CPD (Accreditation) 1 Stage 2 HIV Specialization for nurses;
CPD accreditation for nurse led ART
Incentive for task sharing;
Quality ART task sharing
1 Accreditation 0 Stage 3
South Sudan 1 SOP 0 Stage 1 Scope of Practice, including HIV tasks Clear HIV practice scope
Swaziland 2 CPD 2 Stage 4 CPD Framework, including HIV content;
Entry to practice license exam includes HIV
HIV CPD required to relicense; HIV competencies required
1 Licensure 2 Stage 4
Tanzania 2 CPD 1 Stage 2 CPD Framework, including HIV content;
Task Sharing Policy, includes HIV services
HIV CPD required to relicense; Increased HIV task sharing
Uganda 2 SOP 2 Stage 3 Scope of Practice for Nurses and Midwives, Uganda Nursing Council, 2015 Nurses are authorized to initiate patients on ART
Zambia 2 CPD (Licensure) 1 Stage 2 CPD requirement for licensure renewal; Nurse led ART accreditation guidelines HIV CPD required to relicense; Quality ART task sharing
Zimbabwe 2 CPD 2 Stage 5 NIMART Mentorship Training Program; CPD requirement for licensure renewal Quality ART task sharing;
CPD required to relicense