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Table 1 Data generation

From: Exploration of dynamics in a complex person-centred intervention process based on health professionals’ perspectives

Data source Time of data generation Type of data Participants
Workshop (5 h) Six months into
the intervention
In total 1 workshop at one of the hospitals
Digital recordings/transcripts
(n = 7)
Facilitators and cancer nurse coordinators participating in the project (n = 15)
Workshop (3 h) The last three months of the intervention. In total 3 workshops at the different hospitals Digital recordings/transcripts
(n = 3)
Facilitators (nurses) at the different hospitals (n = 14)
Follow-up meetings Continuously during the intervention
In total, 9 meetings at the different hospitals
Notes from 6 meetings
(n = 6)
Facilitators (nurses and surgeons)
(n = 22)
Focus groups
(four groups, A-D)
After the intervention Digital recordings/transcripts
(n = 4)
4 physicians (hospital I)
4 physicians (hospital II)
4 nurses (hospital I)
4 nurses (hospital II)
Individual interviews After the intervention Digital recordings/transcripts
(n = 4)
1 physician (hospital III)
1 physician (hospital III)
1 nurse (hospital I)
1 nurse (hospital I)