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Table 1 Study participants

From: Community understanding of the concept of pre-referral treatment and how this impacts on referral related decision-making following the provision of rectal artesunate: a qualitative study in western Uganda

Data collection method Participants Across no. of sub-counties
Phase 1
 Narrative interviews 30 interview series, comprising 30 CHWs (17m, 13f) and 30 caregivers (5m, 25f) 12
Phase 2
 Focus group discussions 19 FGDs with caregivers (7m, 10f, 2 mixed; total of 182 participants) 9
12 FGDs with CHWs and women representatives (all mixed sex; total of 115 participants) 12
 In-depth interviews 20 traditional healers (10m, 10f) 10
 Total 60 narrative interviews, 31 FGDs, 20 semi-structured interviews. A total of 377 participants