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Table 1 Distribution of outcomes measures through time

From: Impacts of online and group perinatal education: a mixed methods study protocol for the optimization of perinatal health services

  (T1) 10–20 weeks of pregnancy (T2) 33 weeks of pregnancy (T3) 6 weeks after child birth
Pregnant women Partners Pregnant women Partners Mothers Partners
Main outcome measure
 Health Pregnancies Knowledge Survey   
Secondary outcomes measures
 General Health Questionnaire
 Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy Scale
 State-Trait Anxiety Inventory
 Parent Expectations Survey
 Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
 Sociodemographics characteristics     
 Pregnancy history       
 Prenatal information sources      
 Childbirth history       
 Breastfeeding status       
 Oxford Worries about Labour Scale     
 Labour Agentry Scale     
 Birth weight     
  1. Outcome measured