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Fig. 2

From: Revisiting out-of-pocket requirements: trends in spending, financial access barriers, and policy in ten high-income countries

Fig. 2

OOP spending per capita (in PPP and constant prices) vs growth in OOP per capita (in PPP and constant prices), from 1994-2004 vs. 2004-2014. Note: The base of each line, represented by “x,” shows the average annual rate of increase in PPP-adjusted per capita in OOP spending during the 1994-2004 period. The end of each line, represented by the arrowhead, provides the same figure for the 2004-2014 period. Countries are combined into three groups. The blues lines represent countries with historically low OOP spending; the red, countries with historically high OOP spending; and the yellow, countries with mid-level historical OOP spending. Source: adapted from OECD Health Statistics, 2017 [12]

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