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Table 1 Local and national data sources and examples of variables collected

From: He Tamariki Kokoti Tau-Tackling Preterm: a data-linkage methodology to explore the clinical care pathway in preterm deliveries

Dataset Type of information Examples of variables extracted
National health index Sociodemographic NHI number, area deprivation, ethnicity
Mortality collection Mortality Ethnicity, date of death, gestational age at termination of pregnancy, birth-weight, diagnostic codes on cause of death, sudden and unexpected death indicator
National maternity collection Pregnancy and delivery information Maternal ethnicity, maternal height and weight at time of booking with a maternity care provider, maternal smoking status at time of booking with maternity care provider, plurality, parity, mode of delivery, Apgar at 5 min, birth weight, gestational age at delivery
National minimum dataset Hospital events Ethnicity, maternal and/or infant hospital admissions (public) and discharge dates, length of stay, diagnostic (ICD-10) codes
Australia New Zealand Neonatal network Neonatal intensive care Ethnicity, corticosteroid administration before delivery, length of stay, neonatal surgery, corrected gestational age on discharge, oxygen on discharge, enteral tube feeding on discharge (e.g. nasogastric tube)
Local hospital (DHB specific) Pregnancy and delivery events Maternal and paternal ethnicity, obstetric history, plurality, parity, date of admission, date of delivery
Community laboratory Screening and diagnostics Antenatal booking screening (e.g. blood count), gestational diabetes screening, sexually transmitted infection (note: only if screened and not results)